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This is a little horror game I made about a detective that's investigating an unusual Anime DVD.


ENDINGS (spoilers):

Worst - When driving to work on day 3, make sure you have more "Bad" points then "Good" points.
Bad - Finish day 3 with more "Bad" points than "good" points.
Good - Finish the last "Non-Hayami-chan" Nightmare.
True - Gather all the items from the first 3 "Non-Hayami-chan" Nightmares and on the last nightmare you play the Hayami-chan nightmare and click on the window.
??? - Gather all the items from the first 3 "Non-Hayami-chan" Nightmares and on the last nightmare you play the "Non-Hayami-chan" Nightmare and click on the window
Supporter Edition contains:
  • The Game Soundtrack
  • Images of the Characters from the game.
  • A Project file for Fusion 2.5 containing Day 1 of the game.
  • Bonus Menu containing Level Select.ddd.png

Same game, just a little bit of more extra goodies for the one who would like to support me a little bit more!


Updated 5 days ago
Published 9 days ago
TagsAnime, Horror, Point & Click, Survival Horror


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I'll say that, as someone who didn't play Hayami Chan 1, the minute to minute gameplay is exceedingly drab. The premise itself was curious enough, and I feel the FNAF inspiration, but it was the main gameplay loop that was boring. The nightmare sequences were curious (I would have liked more stuff to do), the story was done well enough, and I adore the art direction. But man just holding down the mouse button to do paperwork until the 'stress' meter rose to a certain amount was a drag.


Thanks for the feedback!

I tried making something different from what I usually make (check my gamejolt for more games)

The thrid game is gonna be different from this game, but right now i'm more focused on my "Her Nightmares" game :)

My licensed kaspersky gave a error and removed that file! . There is a keylogger trojen in that file I recommend you to remove it

What? There's no possible way this game contains a trojan. It's made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5

I don't even know a first thing about hacking and stuff. :| 

Alot more things to do and that's what I like. I only wish relaxing at the window reduced stress a bit faster (especially with the flavor text and all that).

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont